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If the video is relatively short, use ‘Add existing’ and then drag-and-drop the video as shown in the previous question.

NOTE: For lecture recordings (any large files that give an error with the drag-and-drop option), follow these steps:

  1. Go to Course Tools > Course Admin > Manage Files.
  2. Create a new folder, e.g. ‘Lecture Recordings’.
  3. Click on the new folder and then on ‘Upload’. Browse for the recording and upload it from your computer.
  4. Navigate back to the content area where you want to insert the uploaded video.
  5. Highlight the folder under which you want to add the video.
  6. Select the ‘Add Existing’ option.
  7. Choose the ‘More’ option and select ‘Course Files’.
  8. Browse for the lecture recording that you have uploaded in the relevant folder, and click on it to insert it in the content.